The Department of International Bussiness of Tunghai University was established in 1973 as a part of the Arts College. In 1976, because of the changing nature of Taiwan’s economic development, the University founded the Business College, and the Department became part of this new academic unit. In 1983, the Business College name was changed to the Management College.

Early Chairs of the Department included Chen Sheng-Nien, Mai Kai, Liu Bi-Chang, and Jiao Jing-Hsi. In 1979, Professor Kuo Yung-Chu took over as Chair. The Department initiated some changes such as doubling the number of student classes from one to two, and beginning a two-class Night Division.

Beginning in 1991, a succession of Chairs continued reorganizing the Department. Under Shiau Chin-Duu, two additional classes were added at night. Reform continued in 1994, with Li Ming-Huang as Chair. In 1997, Hsieh Teng-Lung instituted a name change of the Night Division to the Second Division, and set up the Extension Program in 1999. Chang Kuo-Hsiung, in 2000, began establishment of the Graduate Masters Program. The goal of the program is to have students acquire an international perspective and to have a global management specialty. Chen Hwei-Chung was named Chair starting in 2003, and in that year, the name of the Department was changed from International Trade to International Business. In 2006, Lin Jwu-Rong as Chair sought to promote a stable momentum to upgrade the quality and amount of teaching, research, and service. As a result of their work, and in an effort to achieve the Departmental goals, the Second Division was discontinued and combined with the First Division in 2005.

In 2008, the number of Graduate Students entering into the program was increased, and at the same time more emphasis was placed on recruiting students with applied technical backgrounds.

At present, each entering undergraduate level/year of the Department has three classes,and a Graduate Program of one class. The total number of students in the respective units is approximately 850.

Our Department now has 15 full-time faculty members. There are three Professors, eight Associate Professors, two Assistant Professors , two Lecturers, four Teaching Assistants and a group of highly qualified part-time teachers are also available to help students enjoy learning. In the future, there are plans to recruit and hire additional faculty in other important areas of expertise to enhance the subject matter coverage of the Department.